pouches_1000 BeginningsCover
Between a Rock and a Heartbreak
Released in 2012, Canary Mine’s newest album reflects the good ol’ country music the miners love so much, and still rocks hard and tickles the funny bone just like the albums
of yore.
In preparation for our 2009 tour we decided to make a cd featuring great tracks from three albums. With a couple of cool remixes too, this album is the perfect introduction to Canary Mine.
LiveTear XtraordinaryXmasXtravaganzaCover
Live Tear From the Palindrome
On a lazy Sunday afternoon in September 2006, us Canaries drove down to the University of Waterloo to play a live-to-air broadcast on CKMS. Taken from two sessions, one on-air, one off, we put together a greatest hits of Canary Mine songs, as they sound in a live setting. Each song was recorded in one take, live off the floor in the Palindrome studio.
X-traordinary X-mas X-travaganza
In 2007 we finally made a holiday record! ’Tis the season to hustle and bustle, but it’s not all about mall cues and traffic.
It’s about how one feels when surrounded by friends and family, safe in the warmth of a loving home. Download our music and blare us at your next X-mas shindig.
MaybeYoMommaCover (2) BitterBetterHappyHornyCover
Maybe Yo’ Momma
Pressed just in time for tour 2005, this album reflects the band’s evolution into a supercharged, upbeat live show, while keeping with the same character, humour and variety that fans love. Featuring It’s Green Outside, The Boat Trilogy, My Boyfriend, Take 5 Point 2 and more.
Bitter, Better, Happy, Horny
Released in May 2004, this first album is the perfect amalgamation of gangsta rap and romance. The tracks include traditional folk-hop crowd-pleasers The Toast and Canadian Strip, drunken love songs Randy and Wrong In Taiwan, “memorably expletive-laden” Rock Song, “almost operatic” Tech-E and more. Bitter, Better, Happy, Horny is an honest portrayal of the early Canary Mine sound, the sound that carried the band on its first successful tour across western Canada.