In 2012 Canary Mine released their full-length and seventh independent album called “Between a Rock and a Heartbreak”.

Self-described as folk-hop, Canary Mine is a humourous combination of folk, rock, country and hip-hop. Since forming in 2003, their music has been aired on CBC national radio and charted on college stations across Canada. They performed on Toronto’s Breakfast Television in 2008, and two of their songs, “Rock Song” and “Cool Breeze”, were featured in the 2007 Allan Moyle directed film ’Weirdsville’. The name ’Canary Mine’ is an ode to Canadian mining communities such as Cape Breton and Sudbury.

Canary Mine is an eclectic gathering of creative performers and each member draws from their own creative background, mixing genres and styles to create new sounds as a vehicle for their original songwriting. Carl Welch on drums played with numerous heavy metal bands. Mim Adams on keys was a darling of musical theatre. Joe Arnup on bass was a jungle DJ. James Lanbro on guitar was a hip-hop MC.

Band members from Canary Mine have worked together in various projects for more than a decade. At the turn of the millennium, James, Carl and Mim met while studying music in Hamilton, Ontario at Mohawk College. They moved to Toronto and officially became Canary Mine in 2003 when James asked Carl and Mim to help him out with a demo recording. James met Joe at Recording Arts Canada and Joe quickly joined the project, and in 2004 the demo turned into Canary Mine’s debut album ’Bitter, Better, Happy, Horny’ and a cross-Canada tour.

Canary Mine has performed live with many musical artists such as Tim Hus, Elliott Brood, Tom Wilson, The Uncas, Harlan Pepper, Hey Rosetta!, Sarah & Jeff, and comedians Neil Hamburger, Approximately 3 Peters and Shawn Hitchins.

Canary Mine has released two studio albums (2004’s Bitter, Better, Happy, Horny and Maybe Yo’ Momma in 2005), two informal session albums (Live From A Suburban Basement, 2004 and Live Tear From The Palindrome, 2006), a holiday season EP (X-Traordinary X-Mas X-Travaganza, 2007), and a compilation of tunes from past records (Beginnings, 2009). The band’s new album “Between a Rock and a Heartbreak” is set for release in April, 2012. They have toured western Canada four times, and will hit the road again in the summer of 2012.

James_Siddall09 Carl_Siddall09 Joe_Siddall09 Mim_Siddall09
James Lanbro
guitar & vocals
Carl Welch
drums & vocals
Joe Arnup
Mim Adams
Keyboards & vocals